artwork by Yasutoshi Yoshida

“Hoenigman’s terse, staccato prose is the language of consciousness, and his book not so much anti-narrative as true to the realities of one’s inner sense-making, true to the convoluted and seemingly disparate tales we tell ourselves. In short, Burn Your Belongings is a well-crafted and adventurous book from what is undoubtedly a writer of great promise.”  – Gary J. Shipley, Word Riot

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Back to the book,
David Hoenigman’s astonishing novel contains images and music by the notable Japanese electronic musician and producer, Yasutoshi Yoshida. The fine art edition consists of text + image as a scroll inside bamboo, with the cork bott om containing a book of matches bearing the book’s title, Burn Your Belongings.  The book will be released at a reading and exhibition in Tokyo, Japan, September 2010.