GLAMOROUS FREAK: How I Taught My Dress To Act

a fabulist memoir by Roxanne Carter

ART: Original photography by Roxanne Carter.

SOUND: To be announced.

“She feels for a heartbeat, her face pressed up against the flat pane of his chest. Between his lips he sucks a lock of her hair. Take off your clothes, he says, and again, Take off your clothes. He lifts the bottom of her dress, inching it over her thighs, but she pushes him away. Take off your clothes, and she takes a ring off her finger, tossing it carelessly to the floor.

Mary, she says, and he replies, Don’t call me Mary, Mary. So much is said, sudden language filling the depression left by past silence. Certain things they say skip and stutter on the soundtrack, burbled words collapsing on the tongue.”

Unless you have been living under a rock there is no way that you missed the drama of Bitcoin. But in case, you did miss the biggest invention in the financial world then words like cryptocurrency and crypto trading will be nothing but burbled words rolling off one’s tongue.

Cryptocurrency is a virtual currency which exists only online with no tangible form to it. It was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto as a solution to the various regulations governing fiat currencies. It is decentralized and can be owned by anyone. Though currently it is used extensively for trading and investment purposes experts believe that very soon it will become part of mainstream payments.

There are several trading robots which are used by individuals to trade in cryptocurrencies; they go to cryptocurrency exchanges and buy and sell their cryptos. In fact, there are bitcoin ATMs also from where people can withdraw their bitcoins or buy new ones. They can even exchange them for actual physical cash.

Before you purchase a trading robot you must be able to tell if it genuine or fake. Take the case of Bitcoin Trader which is a popular trading robot; only after confirming that it was not a fake after reading the review at did I invest in it. There is a Bitcoin Trader App that can be downloaded on your Smartphone.


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Roxanne Carter lives in a woodland cabin at 9,000 feet. She has an MFA from Brown is pursuing a Ph.D. at the University of Denver. Her writings have appeared in Caketrain, Sidebrow, Fact-Simile, La Petite Zine, Drunken Boat and Finery.