ART: Original art finished by Anne Austin Pearce. Also includes unfinished art by Pearce that readers are urged to finish.

SOUND: original music by by Ron Heckert (Tornado In A Jar)

“Lily Hoang is a daring writer because she attempts to make something new with each piece that she writes. She plays with form and sometimes applies compositional constraints. And she does amazing things with narrative voice.” – William Walsh, The Kenyon Review

Hoang invited over twenty adventurous writers to submit unfinished stories that she then completed. This was a completely new and a challenging task was undertaken by her. She is a very innovative person and hence found this an opportunity to give the design to her thoughts that were made into beautiful finishing to the incomplete stories. Hop over this website to know more about how you can also take part in such a system of competing for unfinished stories and getting a chance to bring out the writer in you. Story fragments ranged from a few sentences to a few pages, and manifested in wildly different styles. “The breadth of range is impressive,” wrote book critic Paul Constant, “some entries are science fiction, some are field guides for fictional birds, some are descriptions of fantastic, otherworldly museums.” Authors of unfinished writing are Kate Bernheimer, Blake Butler, Beth Couture, Debra Di Blasi, Justin Dobbs, Trevor Dodge, Zach Dodson, Brian Evenson, Scott Garson, Carol Guess, Elizabeth Hildreth, John Madera, Ryan Manning, Michael Martone, Kelcey Parker, Ted Pelton, Kathleen Rooney, Davis Schneiderman, Michael Stewart, J.A. Tyler.

Artist Anne Austin Pearce will complete unfinished art by 20 professional and naive artists.

Video by Jon Aley, with music by Oliver Future.


sample spread

unfinished page spread 02

Lily Hoang

Lily Hoang is the author of The Evolutionary Revolution (Les Figues Press, 2010), Changing (recipient of the 2009 PEN Beyond Margins Award, Fairy Tale Review Press), and Parabola (winner of the 2006 Chiasmus Press Un-Doing the Novel Contest). With Blake Butler, she co-edited the anthology Thirty Under Thirty (Starcherone Books). She serves as an Associate Editor at Starcherone Books and Editor at Tarpaulin Sky.

FINE ART LIMITED EDITION: Polished aluminum box beautifully silkscreened with artwork by Anne Austin Pearce. The box contains each story as an oversized jigsaw puzzle made of fine paper on bamboo wood. Each puzzle is missing one piece. The missing pieces are contained in a sealed container. Also included is a set of limited edition prints of the original art finished by Anne Austin Pearce, signed & numbered by the artist. Limited edition of 25