ART: Original art by Teresa Carmody & Maude Place; Rachel Carns, Aaron Cometbus & Cristy C. Road; Paula Cronin, Shelly Jackson, Kristie Fleming, beldAn Sezen, Annie Sprinkle & Beth Stephens (Love Art Lab), Rhani Remedes, Leon Mostovoy, Tara Jane O’Neil, Miriam Klein Stahl, Cristy C. Road & Aaron Cometbus, Anna Joy Springer

SOUND: Original music by by Tara Jane O’Neil & Rachel Carns & Anna Joy Springer

“There is only one Anna Joy Springer. Only one. Her words take me from kitten to monster and back again in a way only she can do. I love this book.”
– Kathleen Hanna, lead singer of Bikini Kill and Le Tigre

Making sense of her unique identity in the field of arts she has been a capable writer and one who has introduced us to new reading experience through her work. Visit the latest blog that I have created as a dedication to writers and making their work famous in every possible way. What such people need is a beginning to reach the top place and this writer has definitely made her place.

“How to describe the charm, wit, innocence and energy in AJS’s Red Relic?  With intelligence and heart she enlarges a little the things a novel is capable How very lucky I am to have read it!”
– Carole Maso, author of AVA and Break Every Rule

“My god this book is beautiful. Each moment. A breath in a forest, a breathing beneath the bark of trees. A way to see that has remained shadowed, in shadows, under shadows, such sentence. each sentence a journey”
–Doug Rice, author of Blood of Mugwump: A Tiresian Tale of Incest and A Good Cuntboy Is Hard To Find

“A page-turner, fast and muscular, electric and sometimes “repulsive” (cf Rimbaud’s characterization of women’s writing-to-be as “delicate, repulsive, beautiful.”)  Through the typography and collaging, you read a whole page incredibly swiftly, almost as if all at once.  The handling of the Sumerian/Babylonian mythological material is superb.  And you finally never know, as reader, if you are reading “myth” or autobiography.
– Alice Notley, author of Disobedience and Reason and Other Women

: $7800
A quiver woven out of recycled leather and fabric pages of the book that contains arrows made out of tightly rolled posters created by various aritsts, with arrowhead of red glass. The quiver also holds wallpaper paste and a brush to adhere the posters to walls. (please check back for images)

Black and white edition available!
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Color and Kindle editions published later this year.

Accompaying CD, with Anna Joy Springer, Tara Jane O’Neil, and Rachel Carns also available. Listen to samples now:

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Anna Joy Springer
is a prose writer and visual artist who makes grotesques – creating hybrid texts that combine sacred and profane elements to evoke intensely embodied conceptual-emotional experiences in readers. Formerly a singer in the Bay Area bands, Blatz, The Gr’ups, and Cypher in the Snow, Anna Joy has toured the United States and Europe being a wild feminist punk performer, and she has also toured with the all-women spoken word extravaganza, Sister Spit. She is author of the illustrated novella The Birdwisher (Birds of Lace) and a graphic narrative, In An Egg, forthcoming. She received her MFA in Literary Arts from Brown University in 2002, and she is an Assistant Professor of Literature at University of California, San Diego where she truly loves teaching courses in Experimental Writing, Graphic Texts, and Postmodern Feminist Literatures.