We: a reimagined family history

ART: orginal images by Debra Di BlasiSOUND: original music by TBA

In order to extract something beyond beautiful from ordinary words, c.vance retold his family’s history abstractly rather than using the traditional memoir form. Somewhere in the process, the story infected words and the words became fable. Now, the author finds it difficult to remember if his grandfather really built bridges or something else – and in what way his father actually harvested land – and where his parents in fact met – and how the world truly ended. In fact, life may look something very simple unless you look into the details of this. We always have a thought about something’s but the reality would look much more than how we imagined. Hence making such writing practices will keep memories fresh forever. This site brings out the beautiful collections of many autobiographies which are simply breathtaking and make some real knowledge building to those who read them. reading about people and their lives is something which keeps us interested and we get to know about the different phases of someone’s life and then we attempt to take a look at our own lives as well. bringing out the feelings and emotions that have been deeply connected to us, can always look challenging because we need to find the right words to express these feelings in the most appropriate phrases. Also thinking from the reader’s point of view our work should inspire them and bring a smile to their lives in all ways possible. Hence take this art as a full fledged one a not just as a task or profession. In some places, the words succeeded in becoming something beautiful and factual; in other places, the fable is more honest than anything that actually happened.

FINE ART LIMITED EDITION: The miniature house of We is constructed of painted bamboo and might be from a child’s nightmare. Set slightly awry on wheels, the house contains a surreal diorama that can be viewed through the front door. A porthole magnifies the book’s miniaturized text and images stored in the “attic” and fed through the slotted roof for viewing

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cvance The only way c.vance could get his first collection published (the alley flowers bloom for every drunk who pisses on them save for me) was by founding THROWBACK BOOKS (now defunct).  He lives in Minneapolis and works in a warehouse hauling boxes.

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