Our mission is to publish and produce art that is intellectually, culturally and environmentally sustainable.

Since January 2011 Jaded Ibis has gained national attention for its innovative business model and intrepid explorations into the newest digital technologies, from interactive multimedia iBooks to the app-novel and beyond. We’re most interested in what literary art can be in the 21st Century, not merely what it is. Jaded Ibis Press, its editors and authors have been the subject of feature articles and interviews in Poets & Writers, The Brooklyn Rail, Forbes, Lit Bridge, Possible Architects, Lambda Literary, American Book Review, and many other print and online publications. Our books have made a number of “Best” lists, including four of Oprah magazine’s.

Jaded Ibis Press creatively uses Print-On-Demand (POD) services to reduce our carbon footprint and alleviate some of the massive environmental waste produced by the publishing industry. Our projects typically manifest in multiple editions: full-color illustrated print; black and white print; ebook and/or interactive multimedia book; and fine art limited edition. Each title includes visual art created by a notable artist or artists. Fine art editions incorporate a variety of materials and conceptually reflect the content of the book. Jaded Ibis Productions also produces a CD compilation of music created for the previous 10-12 book titles by renowned and emerging musicians. Our first CD LP, Edible Flowers, is available for download on iTunes, Rhapsody, Sony Music, Napster, and hundreds of music sites throughout the world.

Jaded Ibis publishes books that do not easily fit into marketing categories but clearly speak to contemporary society. We promote the evolution of narrative as it intersects with 21st Century technology. As a result, our books appear on college syllabi with increasing frequency, and our editors and authors are invited to lecture on current and future narrative forms. Contact us to book a lecture, literary reading, panel or workshop.

Jaded Ibis Press enthusiastically seeks projects that utilize digital platforms as an integral part of the narrative, and multimodal projects that cannot be effectively published as anything except multimedia, interactive narratives. We keep current on “future” technologies like Brain Computer Interface and Real Time Interactive Simulation gaming that may significantly affect literary art and other intellectual narratives.

The technology has been helping quite a lot in all the fields, be it in medicine, art, literature, finance, etc. For instance, the financial world has witnessed the introduction of technological advancement in online trading in the form of auto robots like bitcoin loophole. The people who embrace technology will be successful.

Jaded Ibis Press publishes and produces text + image collaborations between authors and artists, or one author’s multimedia project. Some narratives may result in long-term, multi-dimensional collaborations that span the virtual and real worlds, from digital deliveries to gallery experiences.

We pay our authors an extraordinary 40% or more net royalties compared to the industry standard of 7-10% of cover price.

Furthermore, through our Giving Projects we donate to nonprofit environmental and cultural organizations as a way of offsetting our carbon footprint and giving back to those who work to make the world a better place for us all. Each year we select one project to be our Giving Project of the Year, with a percentage (usually 20%) of proceeds earmarked for the chosen organization.



Networking is more than a publicity strategy.

Our innovative business model arose from an understanding of Systems Theory and a confidence in its organizational efficacy. A system is a set of social, biological, technological or material parts cooperating as a whole toward a common purpose.

Systems Theory developed from biology, where it is difficult to understand the functions of, for example, the sexual reproduction of flowers separate from the functions of insects. The newest scientific research (Scientific American) confirms that quantum entanglement does not exist only at the micro level. The universe is one great web built of interconnected webs built of interconnected threads that, when tugged or snipped, the whole design shifts. Thus, for every cause there is an effect – even if those effects take years or decades or centuries or millennia to manifest. (Pictured at right: Debra Di Blasi’s Facebook network of only her top 50 friends.)

Just as ignoring interconnections may cause environmental and organizational destruction (think climate change and banking crises), utilizing them can create tremendous benefits to the individual parts and thereby the whole. By linking literary, visual, musical arts — and the newest technological platforms — we can expand audiences for all participants: Readers and listeners learn a bit more about music; musicians and readers learn a bit more about visual art; and listeners and musicians learn a bit more about literature and its marvelous possibilities.

Because artists and musicians are urged to respond to the writing rather than illustrate it, the reader-viewer-listener who explores all aspects of a project receives multiple perspectives on a single theme — a theme that may mutate into larger themes as a result of the aesthetic collision.

Culture and humanity, as a whole, also benefit by the evolution and generation of ideas. Book publishing, large and small, has become a tenuous web, unable to remain economically or culturally feasible without full cooperation of everyone involved. The amount of funds, time and talent expended to bring out just one book is tremendous; thus, threads that do not contribute to the whole must be snipped so as to not impede with the success of the system’s parts.

Our Expectations

One of our goals is to teach you that actively participating in a network exponentially expands the reach of your own projects and career, consequently benefiting you, other Jaded Ibis writers, artists and musicians, and the company and culture, in general. To this end, we expect our writers and artists to work closely and cooperate with Jaded Ibis publisher and editors, and show support of other Jaded Ibis authors, artists and musicians. We also expect them to comprehend and care how book publishing can be much more than just a business, academic requirement, or self-promotion. Publishing can be an art.

If you are submitting a manuscript but are unable or unwilling to participate in our system, or if you feel our philosophy is at odds with yours, we strongly suggest that you withdraw your project from our consideration.

Help Us Sustain You and the Planet

We are continually looking for new ways to keep fine literature, art and music in the world without burdening the planet. To this end, we welcome your suggestions on how we can be more sustainable.