Aunt Pig of Puglia

Book as Box, with Pig Tarot Cards
$7800 USDAunt Pig of Puglia reflects the magic realism of Patricia Catto’s family memoir by reshaping the book into an artifact that might have been discovered in a dusty attic of a house in Puglia, Italy. Rather than resembling an object manufactured by machine or expert craftsmen, we wanted to suggest that the box-book might have been made by one of Catto’s ancestors before the age of machines eliminated the trace of human hands.  The “Tarocco del Porco” (Pig Tarot) cards hidden in the box insinuate the superstitious nature of the culture in which Catto and her ancestors lived, wherein even the most insignificant event takes on a prophetic meaning. The tarot cards are illustrated by me using many using Catto’s family photographs, and the poetic, often amusing, sometimes bleak “fortunes” are written by Catto in response to my illustrations.  Like all of Jaded Ibis limited edition books,our intent is to reawaken in the reader the same delight experienced as a child, when books were rare and tactile objects, and libraries less a repository and more a gallery of beautiful artifacts.  Limited edition of 5

Burn Your Belongings

Book as Scroll inside bamboo, with matchbook.
$7800 USD

A hand-carved, hand-painted length of mako bamboo contains the text and images of Burn Your Belongins printed in color on a double scroll. The effect is a beautiful art object that might have been made long ago by someone in a Japanese village. A matchbook bearing the book’s title is fitted into a carved niche in the cork top. Hoenigman lives and works in Tokyo, the setting of Burn Your Belongings. Tokyo artist, Yasutoshi Yoshida, is a renowned Harsh Noise musician and record producer whose collage influences stem primarily from art brut. The book’s narrative exemplifies the intersection of old and new that still exists in Japanese culture, as well as the role of the American outsider situated in the insider world of Tokyo; thus the design of inside vs. outside. Moreover, to read the scroll one must “pile” the pages in a flowing heap, just as the author’s innovative narrative lyrically piles sentence upon sentence upon sentence to create not so much an obvious plot but rather a flowing experience so intense that it feels as much physical as intellectual. The intent is also to emphasize the delicacy of language – its mutability and potential dissolution – by printing the text and art on Japanese sumi paper. Limited edition of 10.

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Book as Archeological Find
$6800 USD

Pages are recycled, with some as pyrographic images by artist Susan White. A recycled, bamboo flash drive containing DJ Spooky’s remix of Bach’s Goldberg Variations 1-3, nests in the pages. The bound book is then shrink-wrapped and enclosed in a wooden box that is fully encased in plaster, opened with a red velvet pull-tab.  Once opened,however, the box cannot be re-encased. Limited edition of 15.

unfinished box
facsimile image


Book of Puzzles
$8500 USD

Large polished aluminum box isbeautifully silkscreened with artwork by Anne Austin Pearce. It contains each story as an oversized jigsaw puzzle made of fine paper on bamboo wood. Each puzzle is missing one piece. The missing pieces are contained in a sealed container. Also included is a set of limited edition prints of the original art finished by Anne Austin Pearce, signed & numbered by the artist. Limited edition of 10.

facsimile image based on real 19th C. kit.


Book as Autopsy Kit
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FINE ART LIMITED EDITION: An autopsy kit containing handcrafted surgical tools and various medical artifacts, including casts of octopi body parts in apothecary bottles. The kit is an aged wooden box with a secret compartment containing the novel printed on transparent “skin” and laid upon a bed of sand. Contains flash drive with soundtrack, Monster,” by Resident Anti-Hero. Limited edition of 5.

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The Vicious Red Relic, Love

Book as Quiver of Arrows
$10,000.00 USD

A quiver of arrows woven out of fabric pages of the book, with a recycled leather strap burned with the book’s title. The quiver contains arrows made out of tightly rolled posters by various artists. Arrowheads are made of red glass.. The quiver also contains wallpaper paste and a brush to adhere the posters to construction sites throughout Los Angeles. Limited edition of 10.

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No One Told Me I Was Going To Disappear

Book as Decision: This or That
$6800 USD

FINE ART LIMITED EDITION: Fine art limited edition of 25 of each set:  (1) The text is printed on low-grade recycled paper and contained in a recycled cardboard box whose cover hides a papier-mache mold of a human heart. The box is gift-wrapped in exquisitely rendered paper printed with the book’s images. The reader must destroy the art to read the words.  (2) The images are printed on low-grade recycled paper and contained in a recycled cardboard box whose cover hides a papier-mache mold of a human heart. The box is gift-wrapped in exquisitely rendered paper printed with the book’s text. The reader must destroy the words to see the art. Choose. Limited edition of 10.

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The Pornographers

Book as Sexual Object
$9500 USD

Published as both a 148-page single sentence novel and a collection short stories (sold only with the novel ).The fine art limited edition consists of the novel coiled inside a plastic zippered cover resembling a breast that is contained in a lock-and-key plexiglass box full of scented KY Jelly. The short stories will be attached as a traditional book form to the bottom of the plexiglass box, — its recycled hardback cover is visible through the KY jelly. Limited edition of 10.

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Glamorous Freak: How I Taught My Dress To Act

Book as Clothing
$$8500 USD

The book’s text and images printed on paper that’s sewn into a life-size dress. It hangs on a wooden hanger that reads Glamorous Freak. Limited edition of 10.

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We: a reimagined family history

Book as House
$10,000 USD

The miniature house of We is constructed of painted bamboo and might be from a child’s nightmare. Set slightly awry on wheels, the house contains a surreal diorama that can be viewed through the front door. A porthole magnifies the book’s miniaturized text and images stored in the “attic” and fed through the slotted roof for viewing. Limited edition of 5.

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Book as Medieval Artifact
$20,000 USD

Hand-engraved leather cover emblazoned with various metal studs and plates. Contains one original, signed painting by the artist, plus all 20 prints signed and numbered, on 22″ x 30″ archival paper. Dirty text is handwritten in calligraphy. Limited edition of 5.

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The Color of Being Born

Book as Land
$20,000 USD

Five spectacular prints, signed by the artist, are preserved in an airtight container and buried in a handpainted bamboo box full of soil. The soil is planted with prairie grass. Limited edition of 5.