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Aunt Pig
Aunt Pig of Puglia
a family memoir
byPatricia Catto
Burn Your Belongings
Burn Your Belongings
a novel by
David Hoenigman
a novel by
Davis Schneiderman
stories finished by
Lily Hoang
a novel by
Janice Lee
The Vicious Red Relic, Love
a fabulist memoir by
Anna Joy Springer
No One Told Me
No One Told Me I Was Going To Disappear
a novel by
J.A. Tyler and John Dermot Woods
We: A Reimagined Family Memoir
by c.vance
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Glamorous Freak
Glamorous Freak: How I Taught
My Dress to Act
by Roxanne Carter
The Pornographers
The Pornographers:
2 Volumes
a novel + short stories
by Christopher Grimes
cadieux cover
The Color of Being Born
paintings by
Michael Cadieux
with environmental writings by various authors
dirty dirty
Paintings by
with fabulously dirty writing by various authors
Memorials to Future Catastrophes
Spoken Word & Music by
Davis Schneiderman & Don Meyer
Marriage Poster
Aunt Pig Posters
Tarot Cards
Aunt Pig Tarot Cards
What the Body Requires
a novel by
Debra Di Blasi