Finally, I Came Upon The Software Of My Dreams!

Finally, I Came Upon The Software Of My Dreams!


Let me be starkly honest with you all:

I have been reading a lot on online trading in binary options. I have seen some of the software that was being toasted and touted to be the best in the industry biting dust and those that were being shunned and shamed rising up to the occasion and becoming shining stars with their undying grit and determination.

So, I know for sure that nothing here is permanent. There is never a status quo:

The same reviewing sites that were all praises for particular trading software will be seen pulling it down as a scam of the highest order. Now, it is incomprehensible to me if I should believe these reviewing sites when I want to pick and choose a software platform to trade.

This conundrum is real!

It didn’t take me too long a time to understand that most of the reviews out there were doctored, commissioned or purposely written to confuse the traders. Why was again out of my comprehension!

My suspicions cannot be written away because I have also taken leads from such websites and opened a trading account with the recommended platforms and have been robbed of all my money in a matter of few hours. I have felt cheated and exploited. So you can understand how cautious I am in believing such websites.

But when I read a review from one of my inspirations and on a very reliable website called top ten binary, I was convinced that this would be a legit one.

I read more about QProfit System and also corroborated with all other honest websites that I could think of and everything pointed to the accuracy of the program. I was getting assured. I logged on the site and opened my trading account there also linking my bank account and crediting $250 dollars to my trading account.

No sooner had the money been credited, I received a message on my phone saying that I was assigned an exceptional offshore broker to handle my account. I was more than happy!

With that my trading journey began with a bang. I was making good enough profits every single day and I was not complaining. Over time, the corpus has now grown and I am deliberating that since I have enough to make a down payment for a new car, I might as well book it! All from two and a half years of trading and without exerting a single muscle at all and giving it only one hour’s worth of time daily before hitting the bed. Awesome no!