A Moment: Vanuatu Seismicity: Ground Flow

By Paul D. Miller aka Dj Spooky

A moment, a date: Tuesday, August 10, 2010. It’s not every day that you have a moment where you land in the middle of an earthquake, but that’s exactly what happened to me. Imagine when a flight lands. If everything is as it should be, you usually get some rough and tumble bounce-roll motion. The plane’s shock absorbers do their thing, and the kinetic motion of the aircraft’s collision with the tarmac is transmitted from the wheels of the plane straight through to your body, and the movement of the plane from air to ground is gracefully arrested. I fly a lot, and I’m always in the suspended place between movement and stillness when the plane lands .If you’re in a flight that is landing, one of the first things that goes through your mind is a sense of relief when the wheels touch the ground.
This didn’t happen on Tuesday, August 10, 2010. The plane landed after a 5-hour flight from New Zealand to Port Villa, the capital of Vanuatu, part of an 83-island archipelago in the middle of the South Pacific’s “Ring of Fire” – a region of the world where several tectonic plates meet. This makes for a lot of earthquakes and land tremors above and below the oceanline. We also happened to land in the middle of a 7.5 magnitude earthquake. A situation that etched itself into my memory.

Everything suspends in an earthquake – time becomes elastic, electricity turns on and off, and all aspects of modern life grind to an eerie halt. In a generic sense, the word “earthquake” describes any “seismic event” – whether a natural phenomenon, or one caused by humans—that generates seismic waves. Earthquakes are metaphors made into physical fact. Metaphors are ways of framing an experience, defining a situation, and like other kinds of social human behavior that are “metaphorical,” sometimes when facts “on the ground” become the actual space of an event, that’s when you really know that you are in a moment. You inhabit the space-time of the scenario. Earthquakes are generated by phenomena that mostly relay a checklist of collisions: they’re caused mostly by rupture of geological faults, but also by volcanic activity, landslides, mine explosions, underground nuclear tests. An earthquake’s point of initial rupture is called its focus or “hypocenter.” The term epicenter refers to the point at ground level directly above the hypocenter. Sometimes, that’s how you can think of change in a human context too. The moment an earthquake occurs, you trace the after effects through concentric time lapsed feedback, mechanisms, kind of like watching a stone drop onto the surface of a pond, but what ripples is earth, not water. The usual way of thinking about an earthquake is to put a spin on the scene: the result of a sudden energy release in the Earth’s crust that creates seismic waves. This seismicity of an area refers to the frequency, type and size of earthquakes experienced over a period of time. The moment magnitude (or the related and mostly obsolete Richter magnitude) of an earthquake is conventionally reported, with magnitude 3 or lower earthquakes being mostly imperceptible and magnitude 7 causing serious damage over large areas. Intensity of shaking is measured on the modified Mercalli scale. That’s the way we do things these days. Richter Scale is so 20th century.

When I landed, the ground and the plane entered a complex dance. The plane’s body trembled, creating frisson that sent shockwaves through my body. No one on the Air Vanuatu Flight NF 0053, stood up. An announcement was played over the speakers, telling us something to the effect that our flight had landed in the middle of a highly irregular situation. A major 7.5 magnitude earthquake struck Vanuatu on Tuesday, August 10, 2010, producing a small tsunami and sending thousands of anxious people running for the island’s hills. The underwater quake, 35 kilometers (22 miles) deep and merely 40 kilometers from Port Vila, shook buildings in the city for about 15 seconds, but did not cause vital damage. The guests of foreign hotels and some residents raced to higher ground in case of tsunami, locals said, and police sounded sirens to inform people to abandon homes and to get out into the open. We were stuck on the plane because the airport was considered unsound. The ground moved, and moved again. The plane rested on the tarmac, and we watched the airport sway with the ground tremors that rippled beneath our feet. Our captain mentioned that the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center announced that a 23-centimetre (9.2 inches) tsunami struck Port Vila, and he warned us that bigger waves could be seen in further areas. By way of our captain, the Pacific Center said that “Higher wave amplitudes may yet be observed along coasts near the earthquake epicenter”. As I sat in the seat with world rippling around me, the South Pacific did a graceful ballet with all the aspects of civilization that I take for granted: watching buildings sway with the palm trees, the plane ebbing-flowing on the tarmac, and the water near the airport ripple with a power far beyond the movement of the waves. That’s when I really felt the metaphor of the moment. I felt like a leaf in a pond, dancing to the rhythms of the planet. That was my moment. Suspended, floating on the ocean of the Earth, the logic of our civilization turned to flotsam and jetsam. The airport, the plane, the runway, all spoke a language that the earthquake didn’t. I liked that.


ART: orginal images by Debra Di Blasi

SOUND: original spoken word by Patricia Catto; produced by Jaded Ibis Productions

“Lyrical and funny and wise, Catto’s one-of-a-kind family memoir is a stunning valentine to story telling.” –Catherine Browder, author of Secret Lives

“An intimate, rather than private look at family life, Patricia Catto applies an impeccable ear and a Coppola-like eye to paint a wonderfully exquisite, moving memoir of the Italian-American experience. Grazie!” –Joey Nicoletti, author of Cannoli Gangster

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“Brisk, frank and always funny… With surpassing compassion, Catto animates the mothers, fathers, seers, ne’er-do-wells, misanthropes and heroes, whose sincerity and humor bring the lost world of Aunt Pig to spiny, sweet, crackling life.” –George Guida, author of New York and Other Lovers: Poems

Aunt Pig of Puglia reflects the magic realism of Patricia Catto’s family memoir by reshaping the book into an artifact that might have been discovered in a dusty attic of a house in Puglia, Italy. Rather than resembling an object manufactured by machine or expert craftsmen, we wanted to suggest that the box-book might have been made by one of Catto’s ancestors before the age of machines eliminated the trace of human hands.  The “Tarocco del Porco” (Pig Tarot) cards hidden in the box insinuate the superstitious nature of the culture in which Catto and her ancestors lived, wherein even the most insignificant event takes on a prophetic meaning. The tarot cards are illustrated by me using many using Catto’s family photographs, and the poetic, often amusing, sometimes bleak “fortunes” are written by Catto in response to my illustrations.  Like all of Jaded Ibis limited edition books,our intent is to reawaken in the reader the same delight experienced as a child, when books were rare and tactile objects, and libraries less a repository and more a gallery of beautiful artifacts.

Aunt Pig of Puglia



box spotlight

Patricia Catto

was born in Auburn, New York, of Italian immigrants. She is the author of Wife of GeronimoÕs Virile Old Age: Poems, and many stories, articles and essays. For 20 years, Patricia taught literature at Kansas City Art Institute, Her courses in Folk Literature of the World continue to be her signature and reveal a deep interest in the archetypal manifestations and soul motifs of our species. In 2001 Patricia began a series of dance-lectures entitled ÒVeil as Sacred Space,Ó and has presented this workshop around the country. She lives in Bisbee, Arizona with her dogs, Habeebah, Ugoberto, Vito and Rhett Butler.

We: a reimagined family history

ART: orginal images by Debra Di BlasiSOUND: original music by TBA

In order to extract something beyond beautiful from ordinary words, c.vance retold his family’s history abstractly rather than using the traditional memoir form. Somewhere in the process, the story infected words and the words became fable. Now, the author finds it difficult to remember if his grandfather really built bridges or something else – and in what way his father actually harvested land – and where his parents in fact met – and how the world truly ended. In fact, life may look something very simple unless you look into the details of this. We always have a thought about something’s but the reality would look much more than how we imagined. Hence making such writing practices will keep memories fresh forever. This site brings out the beautiful collections of many autobiographies which are simply breathtaking and make some real knowledge building to those who read them. reading about people and their lives is something which keeps us interested and we get to know about the different phases of someone’s life and then we attempt to take a look at our own lives as well. bringing out the feelings and emotions that have been deeply connected to us, can always look challenging because we need to find the right words to express these feelings in the most appropriate phrases. Also thinking from the reader’s point of view our work should inspire them and bring a smile to their lives in all ways possible. Hence take this art as a full fledged one a not just as a task or profession. In some places, the words succeeded in becoming something beautiful and factual; in other places, the fable is more honest than anything that actually happened.

FINE ART LIMITED EDITION: The miniature house of We is constructed of painted bamboo and might be from a child’s nightmare. Set slightly awry on wheels, the house contains a surreal diorama that can be viewed through the front door. A porthole magnifies the book’s miniaturized text and images stored in the “attic” and fed through the slotted roof for viewing

We cover



cvance The only way c.vance could get his first collection published (the alley flowers bloom for every drunk who pisses on them save for me) was by founding THROWBACK BOOKS (now defunct).  He lives in Minneapolis and works in a warehouse hauling boxes.

art from We: a reimagined family history


ART: Original art finished by Anne Austin Pearce. Also includes unfinished art by Pearce that readers are urged to finish.

SOUND: original music by by Ron Heckert (Tornado In A Jar)

“Lily Hoang is a daring writer because she attempts to make something new with each piece that she writes. She plays with form and sometimes applies compositional constraints. And she does amazing things with narrative voice.” – William Walsh, The Kenyon Review

Hoang invited over twenty adventurous writers to submit unfinished stories that she then completed. This was a completely new and a challenging task was undertaken by her. She is a very innovative person and hence found this an opportunity to give the design to her thoughts that were made into beautiful finishing to the incomplete stories. Hop over this website to know more about how you can also take part in such a system of competing for unfinished stories and getting a chance to bring out the writer in you. Story fragments ranged from a few sentences to a few pages, and manifested in wildly different styles. “The breadth of range is impressive,” wrote book critic Paul Constant, “some entries are science fiction, some are field guides for fictional birds, some are descriptions of fantastic, otherworldly museums.” Authors of unfinished writing are Kate Bernheimer, Blake Butler, Beth Couture, Debra Di Blasi, Justin Dobbs, Trevor Dodge, Zach Dodson, Brian Evenson, Scott Garson, Carol Guess, Elizabeth Hildreth, John Madera, Ryan Manning, Michael Martone, Kelcey Parker, Ted Pelton, Kathleen Rooney, Davis Schneiderman, Michael Stewart, J.A. Tyler.

Artist Anne Austin Pearce will complete unfinished art by 20 professional and naive artists.

Video by Jon Aley, with music by Oliver Future.


sample spread

unfinished page spread 02

Lily Hoang

Lily Hoang is the author of The Evolutionary Revolution (Les Figues Press, 2010), Changing (recipient of the 2009 PEN Beyond Margins Award, Fairy Tale Review Press), and Parabola (winner of the 2006 Chiasmus Press Un-Doing the Novel Contest). With Blake Butler, she co-edited the anthology Thirty Under Thirty (Starcherone Books). She serves as an Associate Editor at Starcherone Books and Editor at Tarpaulin Sky.

FINE ART LIMITED EDITION: Polished aluminum box beautifully silkscreened with artwork by Anne Austin Pearce. The box contains each story as an oversized jigsaw puzzle made of fine paper on bamboo wood. Each puzzle is missing one piece. The missing pieces are contained in a sealed container. Also included is a set of limited edition prints of the original art finished by Anne Austin Pearce, signed & numbered by the artist. Limited edition of 25


a novel by J.A. TYLER and

ART: orginal images by John Dermot Woods

SOUND: original music by Stethoscope

FINE ART LIMITED EDITION: Fine art limited edition of 25 of each set:  (1) The text is printed on low-grade recycled paper and contained in a recycled cardboard box whose cover hides a papier-mache mold of a human heart. The box is gift-wrapped in exquisitely rendered paper printed with the book’s images. The reader must destroy the art to read the words.  (2) The images are printed on low-grade recycled paper and contained in a recycled cardboard box whose cover hides a papier-mache mold of a human heart. The box is gift-wrapped in exquisitely rendered paper printed with the book’s text. The reader must destroy the words to see the art. Choose.

“This is a remembering and we only want to be gone. We never want to be chained. We are fed. We don’t know what it is we, you and I, us, me and you we want. I don’t know what we want. You don’t know what we want, but I dreamt last night that we cut ourselves so deeply that rain poured out and the world flooded and we had the chance to be some kind of new absent.”


no one art01art from No One Told Me I Was Going To Disappear


J.A. TYLER is founding editor of the online quarterly MudLuscious and Mud Luscious Press, both venues for “aggressive / experimental writing.” Since its inception MudLuscious has been publishing authors known or becoming known for breaking with method and expectations about form, both on a narrative and sentence level.


is the author of the novel, The Complete Collection of people, places & things. He writes stories and draws comics in Brooklyn, New York, and edits the arts quarterly, Action, Yes. He also organizes the online reading series, Apostrophe Cast and is a professor in the English Department at Nassau Community College on Long Island.

GLAMOROUS FREAK: How I Taught My Dress To Act

a fabulist memoir by Roxanne Carter

ART: Original photography by Roxanne Carter.

SOUND: To be announced.

“She feels for a heartbeat, her face pressed up against the flat pane of his chest. Between his lips he sucks a lock of her hair. Take off your clothes, he says, and again, Take off your clothes. He lifts the bottom of her dress, inching it over her thighs, but she pushes him away. Take off your clothes, and she takes a ring off her finger, tossing it carelessly to the floor.

Mary, she says, and he replies, Don’t call me Mary, Mary. So much is said, sudden language filling the depression left by past silence. Certain things they say skip and stutter on the soundtrack, burbled words collapsing on the tongue.”

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Glamorous Freak cover

Roxanne Carter pic

Roxanne Carter lives in a woodland cabin at 9,000 feet. She has an MFA from Brown is pursuing a Ph.D. at the University of Denver. Her writings have appeared in Caketrain, Sidebrow, Fact-Simile, La Petite Zine, Drunken Boat and Finery.


TEXT:Greg Bachar, Elizabeth Burns, Jennifer Calkins, Jane L. Carman
Kylee Cook, Beth Couture, Dirk Cowan, Justin Dobbs, Trevor Dodge, Meredith Doench, el buffalo, April Gigliotti, Christopher Grimes, Steve Halle, Jeff Hansen, Michael Harold, Garrett Hayes, Jacqueline Heffron, Lily Hoang, Nor Huda Mohd Izam , Eric Jeitner, Steve Katz, Kimberly Koga, Stacey Levine, Marilyn Jane Lewis, Robert Lopez, Cris Mazza, Joe Milazzo, Kathleen Miller, Scott Million, Theresa A. O’Donnell, Jordan Okumura, Melanie Page, Mitch Parker, Aimee Parkinson, Jack Rees, Ae Reiff, Doug Rice, Thad Rutkowski, Davis Schneiderman, Mikal Shapiro, Gary Shipley, Ascot Smith, Rob Stephenson, Helen Tran, Holms Troelstrup, J. A. Tyler, Laura Vena, Hal Wert, Lane William, Alyssa Wisene, Lidia Yuknavitch

DIRTY : DIRTY will be produced in 5 editions:
1. Fine art limited edition of 25 (ea. $20,000) – February 2012
3. Color paperback (ea. $49) – December 2011
4. B/W paperback (ea. $16.95) – May 2012
5. ebook – contains only text (download $9.99) – August 2012

“When all is ending, you find yourself sending text messages to a 19 year old in California that read ‘I need you to come in my mouth’ and ‘I want us to fuck each other to sleep.’ He will write back with ‘Yes.’ And ‘We will,’ will call you ‘lover’ and ‘ghost.’ While there is not much more to be said, you will continue to say it. Your mouth spills words like salt. When all is ending, you are wet for days. It is summer. Your body and your cunt drip and don’t stop. You are overflowing. You compare the boy to a river, and he doesn’t thank you. Instead, he talks about incest, says he will make you call him ‘brother.’ You don’t know how to pronounce his real name, so you never say it.”

– Beth Couture, from her dirty writing titled, “Ghosts”


Book as Medieval Artifact

Hand-engraved leather cover emblazoned with various metal studs and adornments. Contains one original, signed painting by the artist, plus all 20 prints signed and numbered, on 22″ x 30″ archival paper. Dirty text is handwritten in calligraphy.

Limited Edition of 25.
Price: $20,000

The artist, Hiroshi


ART: Original art by Teresa Carmody & Maude Place; Rachel Carns, Aaron Cometbus & Cristy C. Road; Paula Cronin, Shelly Jackson, Kristie Fleming, beldAn Sezen, Annie Sprinkle & Beth Stephens (Love Art Lab), Rhani Remedes, Leon Mostovoy, Tara Jane O’Neil, Miriam Klein Stahl, Cristy C. Road & Aaron Cometbus, Anna Joy Springer

SOUND: Original music by by Tara Jane O’Neil & Rachel Carns & Anna Joy Springer

“There is only one Anna Joy Springer. Only one. Her words take me from kitten to monster and back again in a way only she can do. I love this book.”
– Kathleen Hanna, lead singer of Bikini Kill and Le Tigre

Making sense of her unique identity in the field of arts she has been a capable writer and one who has introduced us to new reading experience through her work. Visit the latest blog that I have created as a dedication to writers and making their work famous in every possible way. What such people need is a beginning to reach the top place and this writer has definitely made her place.

“How to describe the charm, wit, innocence and energy in AJS’s Red Relic?  With intelligence and heart she enlarges a little the things a novel is capable How very lucky I am to have read it!”
– Carole Maso, author of AVA and Break Every Rule

“My god this book is beautiful. Each moment. A breath in a forest, a breathing beneath the bark of trees. A way to see that has remained shadowed, in shadows, under shadows, such sentence. each sentence a journey”
–Doug Rice, author of Blood of Mugwump: A Tiresian Tale of Incest and A Good Cuntboy Is Hard To Find

“A page-turner, fast and muscular, electric and sometimes “repulsive” (cf Rimbaud’s characterization of women’s writing-to-be as “delicate, repulsive, beautiful.”)  Through the typography and collaging, you read a whole page incredibly swiftly, almost as if all at once.  The handling of the Sumerian/Babylonian mythological material is superb.  And you finally never know, as reader, if you are reading “myth” or autobiography.
– Alice Notley, author of Disobedience and Reason and Other Women

: $7800
A quiver woven out of recycled leather and fabric pages of the book that contains arrows made out of tightly rolled posters created by various aritsts, with arrowhead of red glass. The quiver also holds wallpaper paste and a brush to adhere the posters to walls. (please check back for images)

Black and white edition available!
Click to order now.

Color and Kindle editions published later this year.

Accompaying CD, with Anna Joy Springer, Tara Jane O’Neil, and Rachel Carns also available. Listen to samples now:

CD cover  CD back


springer photo
Anna Joy Springer
is a prose writer and visual artist who makes grotesques – creating hybrid texts that combine sacred and profane elements to evoke intensely embodied conceptual-emotional experiences in readers. Formerly a singer in the Bay Area bands, Blatz, The Gr’ups, and Cypher in the Snow, Anna Joy has toured the United States and Europe being a wild feminist punk performer, and she has also toured with the all-women spoken word extravaganza, Sister Spit. She is author of the illustrated novella The Birdwisher (Birds of Lace) and a graphic narrative, In An Egg, forthcoming. She received her MFA in Literary Arts from Brown University in 2002, and she is an Assistant Professor of Literature at University of California, San Diego where she truly loves teaching courses in Experimental Writing, Graphic Texts, and Postmodern Feminist Literatures.


a novel + short story by Christopher Grimes

ART: To be announced

TEXT:To be announced

“Grimes…creates the poignant stomach ache of human experience that is dramatic fulfillment.” – Cris Mazza

More Praise for Christopher Grimes

“Think Marcel Duchamp, with a pen and a stiff lip.”
–Miles Clark in

“Christopher Grimes has given us just this, a new emergence of narrative form and narrative consciousness–if not the fist, then certainly, to date, one of the most effective literary realizations of the individual’s relationship to the human and inhuman systems that contain him.”
–Jayson Iwen in PLEIADES.

“In sum, Grimes provides a public service by presenting readers the opportunity for substantive yet fun reflections on the perversity of our neoliberal condition.”
-Eric Dean Rasmussen in OTHER VOICES.

porn twin


Limited Edition: Published as both a 148-page single sentence novel and a collection short stories (sold only with the novel), the fine art limited edition consists of the novel coiled inside a plastic zippered cover resembling a breast. The breast is contained in a lock-and-key plexiglass box full of scented KY Jelly. The short stories are attached as a traditional book form (with recycled hardback cover) to the bottom of the plexiglass box, thus visible through the KY jelly and plexiglass.


CHRISTOPHER GRIMES is the author of Public Works: Short Fiction and a Novella (FC2, 2005). His award-winning short fiction has appeared in Western Humanities Review, Beloit Fiction Journal, Reed, Cream City Review, First Intensity, Knock, and elsewhere. He teaches literature and ficton writing at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Springer will be touring the book

Rachel Carns and Tara Jane O’NeilCD cover

CD back



Rachel Carns is a musician, poet, composer, artist and performer, known for her operatic punk vocals, baroque art-circus organ chops, and distinctive stand-up drumming style. She is a founding member of artpunk metal outfit The Need, sugar pop darlings, Kicking Giant, and   stoner sludge duo TWIN (nee The King Cobra). She has collaborated with   a grand list of luminaries including Mocket, Two Ton Boa, Miranda   July, Wynne Greenwood, Carrie Brownstein, Kathleen Hanna, and the experimental performance art group Cloud Eye Control, and has composed   and performed a wide range of original works, including The   Transfused, a full-length rock opera.

Tara Jane O’Neil is a multi-instrumentalist, poet, composer, producer   and visual artist. She creates melodic and experimental music under   her own name and in collaboration. Her recordings and live performances range from solo songing to noise improvisations. TJO has composed and performed music and sound for films, theater and dance performances, and written large and small ensemble experimental architectures. She founded the Ecstatic Tambourine Orchestra and has played with the likes of Papa M, Mount Eerie, Ida, Mirah, Michael Hurley, Lori Goldston, and the King Cobra. Bringing together three different authors who are based in a different style of writing and making them bring out one work makes a lot of new inventions to writing scenario. There would be a whole lot of ideas from each of them focusing a different perspective. It will show the caliber they possess and the work they like to do. Writing is an art and it doesn’t dawn on anyone so easily. You need a real mental strength to make it a practice and out it out to the world is even more challenging. Click to find out more about the different areas you could try to explore through writing skills. Writing is not just a skill it is a language of the heart mind and soul. When all gets focussed together we get to enjoy the pearls of wisdom from such people.

Anna Joy Springer is the author and illustrator of The Vicious Red Relic, Love (Jaded Ibis Press, 2011). She was a singer and songwriter for Blatz, The Gr’ups, and Cypher in the Snow. She is now at work on a book-length rebus bestiary about punk girls, birds, and the turn of   the century. Springer teaches fiction, graphic texts, and experimental writing as an Assistant Professor of Literature at UC San Diego.